FAQ: De Jong Vs Aouar Carriere?

Who is aouar similar to?

Houssem Aouar, a 19-year-old midfielder, is enjoying a similar trajectory this term. The similarities to Karim Benzema are primarily of a personal nature. Both are Lyon born and bred, of Algerian descent, and have grown into men while playing for their hometown club from a schoolboy age.

How good is houssem aouar?

Aouar is an above average creator for his position as can be seen by the scatter below. He creates 4.54 Shot-Creating Actions per90, which is in the top 98th percentile for players in his position. He outranks Liverpool’s current midfield options in assists, expected assists and key passes per90 this season.

Is houssem aouar an attacking midfielder?

Aouar is a versatile attacking midfielder who can play anywhere in midfield, and has been praised for his excellent technical ability and calmness with the ball at his feet.

Is aouar a number 10?

Aouar notably plays the role of a number 10 whenever Lyon plays 3 at the back. In motion, Lyon routinely performs rotations between the left-centre midfielder (Aouar) and the left-back (Cornet), and between their winger (Toko-Ekambi) and their number 9 (Depay or Moussa Dembele).

Is aouar a creative midfielder?

Aouar is a creative midfielder, best known for his tidy technical attributes and attacking flair. Often played as a central midfielder in a three, Aouar is usually the most offensive-minded of the players deployed in the team and carries the attacking burden of the team on his shoulders.

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What positions can houssem aouar play?

The correct way to say “Aouar” is by pronouncing it: ” Ow-arr”.

How do you pronounce Aouar?

The correct way to say “Aouar” is by pronouncing it: ” Ow-arr”.

How tall is Aouar?

1.75 m

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